Our main focus at GS Architects is the design of residential buildings, ensuring that for each plot, we create a unique structure that seamlessly blends in, while prioritizing the future residents' happiness within the building. We aim to create architectural value and utmost satisfaction for our clients. This is no simple task. It requires creativity, a keen eye for detail, and adherence to all building regulations. The reason we continue to receive commissions is due to the trust of our clients who repeatedly return to us, offering us continuous opportunities for growth.


When tackling projects, we always keep in mind their complexity and strive to provide the best possible solutions. In addition, we place a strong emphasis on the efficiency, usability, and sustainability of the structures, which are the cornerstones of cost-effective construction and operation. Achieving the desired quality is significantly influenced by the execution, which is why we prioritize maintaining a good relationship and collaboration with the contractors during the construction phase.

In our view, design is a creative process carried out in close collaboration with the client, where we bring our utmost professional expertise to realize the investor's vision. To create our plans and designs, we utilize the BIM version of the ArchiCAD 27 software, enabling us to deliver exceptional results. 


The company was founded in 1997 by two architects, Kálmán Gábor  and Anita Svejkovszky. Both founders gained extensive experience working in renowned architectural firms. In 2002, the two founders spent nearly a year working in Japan, providing them with a unique insight into a completely different architectural culture. Drawing from their experiences in Tokyo, our firm has been a constant presence in the architectural design market for the past 20 years, handling increasingly significant and substantial projects year after year.

We believe that in the future, we can also contribute to bringing your visions to life.

Kálmán Gábor
Founder, CEO of Gábor & Svejkovszky Architecture
+36 20 388 5669